iClinical – Innovative Medical Learning Series

In November 2012, I returned to my medical filming roots taking a part time position with The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre for Medical Studies or the RGUC.

The project they wanted to undertake was ambitious and innovative, combining the best in multimedia, professional video, 3D animation, medical imaging and current medical and clinical teaching practices. Initially the intention was to produce a series of ten episodes to further explore areas of human anatomy pertaining to common clinical pathologies that would aid medical students in developing a better understanding of the subject area. The Innovative Anatomy series was born and a pilot episode exploring the “Inguinal Canal” was produced.

From the early development stages, I was keen to explore the possibilities of creating a brand experience with which the students and the wider audience can identify and engage with in order to reinforce the credibility of the content and enhance the educational experience. After a short consultation period with the academic faculty, clinical teaching fellows and other media team members, the “iClinical” umbrella brand was approved. To fully realise the branding potential for this project, brand logos, colour schemes and graphics were developed by Graphic & Web Designer, Caroline McGee. The “iClincial” brand is echoed throughout all content, web, video and print.

Following the success and proof of concept of the “iClinical” brand and the “Innovative Anatomy: Inguinal Canal” pilot episode, the opportunity to develop an additional series in parallel was explored. “Clinical Examination in Practice” was developed to provide a comprehensive guide to the common clinical examinations that medical students are required to learn and demonstrate as part of their curriculum.

Under the direction of the Head of Teaching Academy, Mr Atiq Ur-Rehman, and in collaboration with the Media Manager, Ed Shovelton, we work closely with the Clinical Teaching Fellows to develop content for the series. Episodes are carefully scripted and are project led by Clinical Teaching Fellows, verified by Senior Consultants, and provide an exact blueprint for the content that must be acquired or created. Ed and myself produce all the video content using high definition professional video acquisition equipment often in restricted surgical operating environments. Studio recordings allow us to carefully control lighting, sound recording and to also use green screen techniques to increase the production values of the content. All video editing and motion graphics are produced in house. 3D animation is provided by an external medical illustrator under the supervision of the Clinical Teaching Fellows.

Regular weekly review meetings allow the team to carefully craft the content to ensure the highest level of accuracy and engagement is achieved. All content is verified by qualified medical professionals and is in line with current healthcare policies.

“iClinical” is already an award winning project, having achieved recognition for both the “Innovative Anatomy” and “Clinical Examination in Practice” video series.

Whilst the content is initially intended for internal use by RGUC students, further information on the project can be found at the iClincal website.

Conventional – Short Film (Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge)

Conventional – Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2013 from Peter J Austin on Vimeo.

I made this film for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2013, however due to work commitments I was unable to meet the upload deadline.

Despite the disappointment of missing the chance to be entered for judging this year, I still had a lot of fun putting this together & I would like to share it.

This non-profit short film was made using free stock images from stock.xchange (sxc.hu) and also sound effects from freesound.org licensed under creative commons. Music from Audionetwork.com (licensed) & CCMixter.org (licensed under creative commons)

Please bear in mind that I did this alone, and within 48 nonconsecutive hours.

It is Sci-Fi Horror and has some gory bits so is NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN.

Provided by Sci-Fi London:
Line: “If I create an analogue of a process, I can say that a transference of some kind is taking place.”
Prop: Watch – a character resets the time on a watch to 3 hours earlier.
Theme: “A range of drugs have been developed that claim to suppress your “personality flaws”.

More on the making of “Conventional” soon…

Exit Calm – Don’t Look Down


The official video for Exit Calm’s “Don’t Look Down”, the second single taken from their self-titled debut album released on Club AC30.

The video was shot on RED using prime lenses at The Luminaire in Kilburn, North London.

Director/Producer: Ben Lankester (Progress Film Company)
First AD: Matthew Hopkins
Director of Photography: Peter J Austin
Camera Operator: Andrew Litt
Gaffer: Tobie Lang
Lighting Technician: Stefan Mitchell
RED Technician: Conrad Gaunt
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Leigh
Production Assistants: Joe Franklin, Aylwyn Michel, Ben Singleton
Male Lead: James Nield
Female Lead: Georgina Leahy
Editor: Ben Lankester
Visual Effects: Jack Chute

Once more with feeling…

Following the success of Exit Calm’s music video for their Hearts & Minds single release which has already had over 26,000 views on YouTube alone as well as being played on Lava TV, The Progress Film Company hired me in as Director of Photography for the next installment from Yorkshire’s most epic, Exit Calm.

Ben Lankester of Progress takes the directors helm for this elegant tale that showcases the immense power of Exit Calm’s epic sound and energy, dragging us out of the melancholy and hurling us head first into the light.

A real pleasure to work with the members of Exit Calm once again, great guys, a good laugh and some truly wonderful music. Catch up with them as they continue to support their incredible debut album playing venues across the UK. The album is out now and you can find out more here.

Shot on the RED One, this next release will be rich in colour, mood and atmosphere.

Tobie Lang was on set in North London to provide production stills that serve as a wonderful record of the day and also gives you a good idea of what the final cut will offer.

My thanks to a flawless production crew for their support and efforts on the shoot, your commitment, energy and expertise is duly credited.

Watch this space for more information on the video release.



UPDATE: Congratulations to Tobie for making the Top 50 in the Doritos King of Ads competition, this won him prizes and great exposure. We even received a nice little certificate too. Well done team “Ryeeu Ninja Hunter”, you did a great job!

This hilarious submission for the Doritos King of Ads competiton was devised and directed by Tobie Lang. Tobie has been a good friend and fellow film maker for many years and I was privileged to be asked to be his Director of Photography for the Ad.

A day out in Highgate woods gave the whole crew a good laugh, not to mention a good soaking with intermittent downpours of rain. The Ninjas really look great and the playground scuffle interjected by the randomness of Old Man Doritos was well worth the experience.

I wish Tobie the best of luck for the competition and you can keep up to speed with the latest results here.