iClinical – Innovative Medical Learning Series

In November 2012, I returned to my medical filming roots taking a part time position with The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre for Medical Studies or the RGUC.

The project they wanted to undertake was ambitious and innovative, combining the best in multimedia, professional video, 3D animation, medical imaging and current medical and clinical teaching practices. Initially the intention was to produce a series of ten episodes to further explore areas of human anatomy pertaining to common clinical pathologies that would aid medical students in developing a better understanding of the subject area. The Innovative Anatomy series was born and a pilot episode exploring the “Inguinal Canal” was produced.

From the early development stages, I was keen to explore the possibilities of creating a brand experience with which the students and the wider audience can identify and engage with in order to reinforce the credibility of the content and enhance the educational experience. After a short consultation period with the academic faculty, clinical teaching fellows and other media team members, the “iClinical” umbrella brand was approved. To fully realise the branding potential for this project, brand logos, colour schemes and graphics were developed by Graphic & Web Designer, Caroline McGee. The “iClincial” brand is echoed throughout all content, web, video and print.

Following the success and proof of concept of the “iClinical” brand and the “Innovative Anatomy: Inguinal Canal” pilot episode, the opportunity to develop an additional series in parallel was explored. “Clinical Examination in Practice” was developed to provide a comprehensive guide to the common clinical examinations that medical students are required to learn and demonstrate as part of their curriculum.

Under the direction of the Head of Teaching Academy, Mr Atiq Ur-Rehman, and in collaboration with the Media Manager, Ed Shovelton, we work closely with the Clinical Teaching Fellows to develop content for the series. Episodes are carefully scripted and are project led by Clinical Teaching Fellows, verified by Senior Consultants, and provide an exact blueprint for the content that must be acquired or created. Ed and myself produce all the video content using high definition professional video acquisition equipment often in restricted surgical operating environments. Studio recordings allow us to carefully control lighting, sound recording and to also use green screen techniques to increase the production values of the content. All video editing and motion graphics are produced in house. 3D animation is provided by an external medical illustrator under the supervision of the Clinical Teaching Fellows.

Regular weekly review meetings allow the team to carefully craft the content to ensure the highest level of accuracy and engagement is achieved. All content is verified by qualified medical professionals and is in line with current healthcare policies.

“iClinical” is already an award winning project, having achieved recognition for both the “Innovative Anatomy” and “Clinical Examination in Practice” video series.

Whilst the content is initially intended for internal use by RGUC students, further information on the project can be found at the iClincal website.

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