Once more with feeling…

Following the success of Exit Calm’s music video for their Hearts & Minds single release which has already had over 26,000 views on YouTube alone as well as being played on Lava TV, The Progress Film Company hired me in as Director of Photography for the next installment from Yorkshire’s most epic, Exit Calm.

Ben Lankester of Progress takes the directors helm for this elegant tale that showcases the immense power of Exit Calm’s epic sound and energy, dragging us out of the melancholy and hurling us head first into the light.

A real pleasure to work with the members of Exit Calm once again, great guys, a good laugh and some truly wonderful music. Catch up with them as they continue to support their incredible debut album playing venues across the UK. The album is out now and you can find out more here.

Shot on the RED One, this next release will be rich in colour, mood and atmosphere.

Tobie Lang was on set in North London to provide production stills that serve as a wonderful record of the day and also gives you a good idea of what the final cut will offer.

My thanks to a flawless production crew for their support and efforts on the shoot, your commitment, energy and expertise is duly credited.

Watch this space for more information on the video release.

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